What is a Welcome Folder?

Typically, a Welcome folder is a smaller format. 6×9 or even 4×9 folder with one or two pockets.

It often includes inserts (which are sometimes stacked for tabbed reference points). The Welcome folder serves as a quick introduction to the organization, and possibly includes instructions as to how to get involved, where to be and when, or what services are offered.

Who uses a Welcome Folder?

We see Welcome folders across a few specific markets:

  • Churches, welcoming new or prospective members.
  • Banks and Credit Unions have small welcome packets.
  • Surgery/Medical procedure centers will provide a welcome folder that includes standard or customized details for the new patient.

How many times have you taken a sample to a client and heard the phrase, “I didn’t know you did that?” It’s a bittersweet moment, isn’t it? A 4 x 9 folder fits nicely in a #10 envelope, consider sending a sample with a quick note, or dropping one off on your next visit. If you have any business with a church or bank/credit union, it’s very possible they use a small sized welcome folder already. Shouldn’t you be providing that?

Also, don’t shy away from medical with the assumption of conglomerate buying. Not every procedure center is linked to a huge medical facility, in fact many specialists (like plastic surgery, dermatologists, or oral surgeons) are running their own shop, from top to bottom, and can really use your print expertise.

Most Common Processes

Although nearly every option, from dimensional UV effects to custom cuts, is available on the small format folders, we most often see these introductory folders come in with simple, clean designs. Whereas banks/credit unions may use two-sided print and include a lot of information on every piece, conventional foil stamping is the most popular process for church folders.

Every client has unique needs, but knowing these basic and common options may help you welcome these markets into your client mix.

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