You know those moments when serendipity seems to step in? The moment you’re casually talking to a neighbor and discover they are looking for a good job in the very role you need? Or when one machine goes down just around the moment you’ve installed the new one.

Timing, as they say, is everything.

Sometimes we create those winning moments by positioning ourselves in the right place at the right time. Here are a few examples of key vertical markets that typically have a “season,” what they need in print, and when they typically start mapping out their print needs.

Accounting and Tax Services

The Season: Obviously, tax season is a particularly busy time for accountants, typically running from January to April. Businesses and individuals rush to file their taxes before the April deadline.

The print: Products include business cards and brochures to promote their services. Direct mail campaigns to reach potential clients before tax season. Tax guides and informative booklets. Pocket Folders, often with expansion or staple flaps to accommodate a large amount of paperwork to move between accountant and client.

The Planning: Tax preparers often begin marketing and advertising their services in late December or early January, just before the tax season begins.

Construction and Landscaping

The Season: Construction and landscaping businesses often see higher demand in the spring and summer when weather conditions are more favorable for outdoor projects.

The Print: Keep in mind, this industry sees a huge variety in company size, from local two-man operations to those serving the Fortune 500, and they all need small format print like business cards and promotional materials in addition to large-format prints for construction site signage or yard signs for advertising work on neighborhood lawns. Landscaping and construction are key buyers of pocket folders, using them to provide layouts, estimates, and final contracts, as well as in marketing for new clients.

The Planning: These companies start advertising and marketing their services in the late winter or early spring to capture business for the upcoming season.


The Season: Hotels, restaurants, and event venues often have peak seasons during holidays, weekends, and special events like weddings and graduations. The summer months tend to be busier for many hospitality businesses.

The Print: Restaurant print needs include table tents, promotional flyers, and postcards for direct mail or inclusion in promotional packets. Also, rack cards and brochures to share with hotels and resorts as well as event posters for special occasions and entertainment. Hotels and restaurants that host special events often use a pocket folder to present the site features as well as include catering menu options, estimates, and layouts of available options customized and included in the pockets, as well as contract information once set.

The Planning: Hotels and restaurants often promote special offers and events well in advance, particularly for the holiday season and summer months, think two shifts, February/March and again in September/October.

Real Estate

The Season: The real estate market often sees increased activity in the spring and early summer months. Many people prefer to move during this time to take advantage of better weather and the end of the school year.

The Print: Real estate as an industry is one of the most print-heavy markets. Real estate agents often use pocket folders to both solicit and complete transactions. They may initially provide listing flyers and brochures (with or without a folder) as well as yard signs and open house banners. They often use postcards to announce new property listings or as a solicitation tool. Agents work in tandem with title companies, banks, and other agents, all with a moving paper trail creating presentation needs from an initial 9 x 12 folder for brand establishment to the grand finale of a sale with legal-sized documents presented in legal folders or portfolios.

The Planning: Real estate and all related markets, like title and mortgage companies, banks, and home builders, tend to increase their marketing efforts in the late winter and early spring months to attract home buyers and sellers during the peak spring and summer season.

Travel and Tourism

The Season: The tourism industry experiences peak seasons during holidays and summer months, generally June to August are peak travel times for many destinations.

The Print: Products you will want to help them promote and prepare with include flyers and posters advertising vacation packages. Postcards for destination marketing. Pocket Folders that feature travel brochures and destination guides, estimates and itineraries, and/or local resources in visitor packets.

The Planning: The travel industry begins promoting vacation packages and deals several months in advance, often starting in late summer or early fall for the following year’s summer season. Don’t forget to include your local chamber of commerce when thinking of the print needs for this market!

The Hot Projects

So, we’ve talked about when these vertical markets plan and or should order, but what about the last-minute rush items? Here are the markets and company sizes most likely to rush a printed piece:

Events: From an open house to a board meeting, to a full-on tradeshow opportunity. The calendar is marked early, but decisions, designs, and document approval all seem to come at the last minute.

Out of stock: Admit it, we’ve all run out of something before we thought we would. When it’s print, that’s for us to solve!

New Item: A new brand, a rebrand, a rollout…these all often have ambitious deadlines and when the interim decisions miss their date, it falls on the printer to make up the time. Yea us!

Your Client: There’s that one client, you know the one, who always has to rush. Your team may grumble every time the order comes in, but you know the reason you have the job is that you make it happen. (That feels good, admit it.)

Anyone! You probably noticed the moral of the story, any industry, market, or company size may need print in a hurry, and it’s up to us to make the magic. 


Timing plays a crucial role in successful marketing for every industry. From tax services to hospitality, understanding the seasonal rhythms and marketing needs of various vertical markets can give your business a strategic advantage. Proactive communication with clients can smooth out, or prevent those last-minute challenges. For example, reaching out early to initiate the printing process to ensure you have the necessary materials ready and in stock. You and your team are the key to timing success.


*Originally Published in NPSOA Magazine