How much time does it take to make a great impression? Seconds…if you can get the attention. Today consumers face fatigue and confusion from endless ad clutter. Getting recognition among 5000-plus ads a day is a true challenge for every brand.

How to Make an Impact?

Key into the senses. Create an experience. Connect.

Savvy marketers understand the importance of triggering multiple senses for maximizing memory and influence. Printed pieces, like a brochure, folder, or business card, all have the given advantage of two senses, sight and touch, but are you making the most of the opportunity? Print is your chance to show what a brand feels like. Literally. Feels. Like.

At Pocket Folders Fast we have a unique set of technology to allow you to offer your clients the most amazing set of visual and tactile options in record time.

Our Ideas section of the website goes in depth on the new technologies and what they mean for you (and folders).  Fill out the form on the right for a complete sales kit that shows (better than tells) the latest in finishing effects including dimensional UV, polyfoil, conventional foil and emboss, a variety of stock options and laser die-cutting.

Want something cutting-edge to talk about – check out these talking points in Designing for What’s New.

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Fall in love with folders! We do!




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