From October Issue of Printing Impressions:

Pocket Folders Fast is, according to Sikora, “the most uniquely equipped trade printer” for applying special effects like these. Its workhorse digital platforms are a pair of Fujifilm J Press 720S inkjet presses, a Fujifilm J Press 750S, and a Fujifilm Acuity UV flatbed printer. A Kama foil stamper, Steinemann UV coater, and a Scodix Ultra Pro digital enhancement press are among the devices furnishing the post-print pizazz.

“Don’t consider a folder a commodity when you resell it,” Sikora urges her customers, when it could be something more along the lines of the personalized, laser-engraved, foil-brightened samples that Pocket Folders Fast uses to promote itself at printing trade shows, and in mass mailings to commercial printers. She emphasizes that by applying these techniques, resellers can make folders “a tangible and memorable part of the experience” they’re connected with for not much more money than plain folders would have cost.

“Our challenge, as a national provider, is to demonstrate this range of possibilities both for our clients and for them to educate their clients,” Sikora says. “Chances are, if there is a need for only 50 folders, there is also the likelihood that the ordering customer also knows exactly who these folders are going to. Let’s make the most of this and not give them a commodity, but a personal welcome.”

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