You might remember that in 2022, we shared some insights here about the importance of paper choice. Well, we’ve got some fresh news to share, especially for those of you who are as passionate about sustainability options for your clients.

At Pocket Folders Fast, we’re all about helping you make your clients brand POP. One key factor that can take your designs to the next level is the choice of paper stock. But before we delve into the nitty-gritty, we want to introduce you to our latest addition, the Kraft Speckletone 100 lb. Cover.

Going Green with Kraft Speckletone

We’re thrilled to add to our stock options Kraft Speckletone 100 lb. Cover, a paper stock that’s not just high-quality but also eco-friendly. This remarkable paper is 100% post-consumer recycled and its production is powered by 100% renewable electricity generated by an emissions-free hydroelectric plant in a US mill in Michigan. So, when you choose this paper, you’re not just creating beautiful prints; you’re also contributing to a greener planet. It’s a win-win!

A Rainbow of Choices

But we don’t stop there. We understand that each print project is unique, just like your clients. That’s why we offer a rainbow of choices when it comes to paper stocks. Whether you need a classic white finish, a bold and vibrant hue, or even something with a subtle texture, we’ve got you covered.

Head over to our Stock Papers Page to explore our wide range of options. From the understated elegance of linen textures to the smooth sophistication of Classsic Crest, we’ve got something to suit every brand and project.

The Art of Branding

We all know how crucial it is to make a memorable impression, and your choice of paper can play a significant role in that. Think about it – when you hand over a presentation folder or a promotional brochure, the first thing your client or prospect feels is the paper. It sets the tone.

Textured paper can look and feel premium. Sending the tactile message that your brand is all about quality and attention to detail. Or picture a burst of color that perfectly matches your brand’s identity, instantly catching the eye and creating a lasting impression. It’s all possible when you choose the right paper stock.


The Benefits of Texture and Color

Texture adds depth and character to your print. Create a message that stands out in a world of flat, ordinary designs. Whether it’s a subtle linen finish or a bold hopsack or feltweave texture, create a unique experience for your clients and their customers.

And then there’s color. Color psychology is a real thing. Different colors evoke different emotions and associations. For instance, vibrant reds can convey energy and excitement, while calming blues can suggest trust and reliability. By carefully selecting the right color for your project, you can tap into these emotions and reinforce your brand’s message.

The Power of Choice

At Pocket Folders Fast, we believe in the power of choice. We want to empower you to make informed decisions that elevate your print projects. Whether it’s choosing the eco-friendly Kraft Speckletone or exploring our range of textures and colors to amplify your brand identity, we’re here to help you every step of the way.

When working over the options with your clients, there’s no substitute for actual samples. A computer screen can never truly capture the essence of a paper. So, reach out to us for individual samples and/or a complete sales kit!