General Ordering Information

This information corresponds with the details requested to place an order.


Order Form: Pocket Folders Fast has made an effort to create an order form that is both simple and complete to cover the details required for quick understanding and delivery of your order. The website offers the order form in a fillable PDF format here:

Ordering, Shipping, and Billing Quantity: Pocket Folders Fast produces and ships orders within the industry standard of plus or minus ten percent over or under run. (+/- 10% over/under.) This means if an order is for 1000, Pocket Folders Fast will ship and bill between 900 and 1100 folders. Because of the havoc shipping a short quantity wrecks, it is more likely a job will run over. In some cases, a customer may want to “order up” for a price break. In those cases, we suggest marking “No Overs” on your order form. If the order is marked “No Overs” the order may run short by any quantity, and Pocket Folders Fast is not obliged to put the job back into production to reach the quantity ordered. However, as always, the invoice will reflect only the quantity shipped.


Billing Information: Please provide complete information for billing, also take a moment to review our terms.  We’ve made a sincere effort to keep the fine print short. The even shorter version is this: 1) First order is prepay. 2) Supply a credit application to be approved for credit terms. 3) If your company is approved for credit, the terms are Net 30. Pocket Folders Fast generally invoices the day of or the day after a job is shipped. We accept check or credit card payments.


Folder Style: From the most popular PF1 onto an endless variety of die options, check out our products page on the website for the most popular designs, but don’t stop there! Our service team is happy and ready to help you choose and create the perfect folder for your project. (Products page:


Print Coverage & PMS® colors: When pricing four color process, no need to add any additional notes for coverage. However, when printing spot color, printing more than 30% of the sheet size is considered heavy coverage and needs to be priced accordingly. Also, printing heavy coverage in PMS® colors on a coated sheet, may necessitate a coating option to seal the ink. Printing heavy coverage on uncoated sheets may affect delivery times, but don’t worry! We will stay in touch and let you know right away any process required and also what we anticipate to be a realistic production schedule. PMS® numbers do not incur an additional cost. We will run colors to industry standard densities. If you have concerns about matching to a previous folder, please send us the sample so that we can meet your expectation.


Coating Options: Coating choices are often as much about price and speed as they are about finish. Most folder orders simply require a sealed ink and a semi-gloss. Customers who are wanting a high gloss should choose and price for a UV Coat. If the finish is, in fact, the top priority, talk to the CSRs at Pocket Folders Fast about all of the coating options. When price and speed are the top priority, our experienced print professionals will make the “coating call” and provide for you a top product either with or without coating based on the inks and stock used. Let our experts help you shine!


Foil, Emboss, Deboss: Foil, emboss, and deboss production, and therefore pricing, are based on the size of each area. The way to figure the price is to measure each side of the area of copy/artwork, round up to the next inch, then multiply the two areas. Note: each side is rounded up first, then multiplied. So an area will always be figured with whole numbers, i.e. 2×4, 6×3, and so on. The base foil price includes one of our stock foil colors in up to two areas that total 36 sq. inches. The base emboss or deboss price includes one single level area up to 16 sq. inches. Choose from the add on portion of the price chart for additional areas. Combination dies, for processes like multi-level or foil-emboss combination, and special foil colors or processes are also available and require custom pricing. Many variables influence the effect and quality of a foil or emboss/deboss project. The font style, the line-width of the art, the texture and weight of the paper, and even how malleable the chosen stock is, will all affect the final product. If our service team has concerns about how the quality of the logo/artwork will stamp, we will contact you with suggestions. As always, if there is a current sample your client would like matched, please send it ahead of moving the order into production.


Proofs, Options and Information: The most common proof option is a PDF proof to check copy and positioning to the template, one last time! There is no charge for this; we will be making a PDF anyway, however the step of sending it on and waiting for approval does mean that the in-house production clock doesn’t start ticking until the proof is approved. For those customers that need a visual, we offer a low-end printed proof, again for copy and positioning and not true to color. The cost is $40 plus shipping, based on your time needs. For those clients who are interested in checking color, we offer a full color proof for four color process jobs. It is provided on the stock ordered and the cost is: $52 for one side. When ordering a new, custom diecut, Pocket Folders Fast may provide a low-end proof and a cut mockup at our discretion, however, this proof will need to be returned before production can begin.


Business Card Slits: The 4 most popular business card slits are available on one or both pockets centered at no additional charge, you can view them here: There are a variety of other slit styles and positions available, most of which are available for a surcharge of $15. If your request requires more set up time, our team will alert you to the cost and options before proceeding with the order.


Anything Else? Sure! There’s often more to tell, to do, or to think about. This is the short list. Let us know anything else needed to amaze your customer, or just set your mind at ease.