Over the last few years, with new technology and equipment investments, there are far more resounding “Yes!” possibilities than ever before.

Here are my top three requests that used to be impossible, or severely impractical, that are now not only possible but also affordable!

ONE) Affordable production proof.

I confess, I used to snicker a bit if someone requested a press proof on 250 or 500 pieces. I mean, in the old days, 500 folders was a press proof. With the costs of plates and make-ready sheets to get an offset press “up to color” proofing used to be an approximate science and quite costly. No More! For example, at Pocket Folders Fast, we offer a production proof, completely finished will all components and die-cut to size for $52 (plus shipping if air). This is even available with dimensional UV and poly foil options (again, digital processes). Although the “true cost” is definitely much more than this, the value of using a production sample as a selling tool (Some folks order one to take as a sample and design idea.) or as a final proof to provide peace of mind on a new or changing project, is an important investment for all involved.

Two) No minimums and affordable low quantities.

Still today there are folks who call and sheepishly request 50 or 100 folders, asking, is that even possible? Yes! Even on customized projects. A few issues back when discussing digital die-cutting, I shared about a client who needed 35 folders with custom pockets and special size in full color ready quickly for a conference in Dubai, we said, OK! That same customer came back with another custom design, this time 1800 folders, and (of course) still a rush. OK again!  Lesson: If you’re saying “No” to clients looking for short run products, you may very well miss out on the next project as well.

Three) Variable isn’t just for print anymore.

Over the last year you’ve heard me shout upon the mountaintops about the advantages of variable print and personalization. A powerful, easy, and accessible tool that brings print projects into the 21st century. But wait! It’s not just about print, there are new digital foil techniques that create personalization in foil. (Foil!) And, spoiler alert: variable die-cutting is on deck! This is in beta-testing and I hope to share and wow you all with this technology and application ideas before the end of this year.

These are the tip of the iceberg, really.

The key to remember is the more you can say yes, the more opportunities will present themselves. Getting from a “No” to a “Yes” involves a good plan, the right technology, and the attitude to get there.

One more thing to consider, do your clients know that what used to be impossible is now possible? Sometimes long-time customers, your most savvy print buyers, are missing out on what’s new and exciting because they don’t know all of the new valuable options in print. They were told No, before (or yes, but super expensive) so then they’ve tucked that away as lesson learned. Uh Oh! Be sure you’re sharing the new possibilities in your shop with all of your clients, not just the new guys who ask.

“Say ‘yes’ to life – and see how life starts suddenly to start working for you rather than against you.”- Eckhart Tolle