Trending: Pocket Folders have evolved from “boring commodity” to brand identity.

You, as the guardian of your client’s brand, have the opportunity, no, the responsibility to guide your clients with the knowledge that a pocket folder doesn’t have to be, nor should it be, a throw-away thought. The pocket folder is often the first and most tangible impression an end user will have of a company, therefore the entire brand is at stake. What are we talking about here? We are talking about brand identity. Seriously.

At Pocket Folders Fast, we have the technology to do many unique, shiny, and interactive effects, however not every folder has to feature all those capabilities to be effective. For example, utilizing texture to convey a message is sense-effective and cost-effective.

Pocket Folders Fast carries a wide variety of stocks, including both classic and unique, as well as coating finishes that impact the tactile impression.


Also, with new laser die-cutting technology, custom sizes, windows, and edges are manageable both cost and time-wise on projects that even two years ago would have been impracticable, or even impossible.

Folders are an actual interaction with a company’s brand. Pocket Folders Fast partners with you to provide options that convey the message most important to your client. Memorable? Trustworthy? Cutting-edge? Sturdy? Hopeful? So much is said with the senses.

Trending: Pocket Folders are for every company, not just the “big fish.”

Your biggest clients use pocket folders for new client introductions, admissions, important client paperwork, proposals, and also internal welcome kits, benefit paperwork, and so much more. Good news! The small and mid-size businesses you serve now use presentation pieces for these same transactions.

Pocket Folders Fast provides an array of cost-effective, low minimum options and quick turns.

Vertical markets of varied industries tend to make similar decisions stylistically on pocket folder sizes, stocks, and even colors. No matter the business size, helping a business to choose effective communication tools in their industry is your “real life” advantage.

Pocket Folders Fast is happy to help you with our experience, samples, and feedback on both what is popular and ideas enabling your client stand out from the crowd.

We are excited to talk to you about all the ways to revolutionize the way you provide folder options to your new and existing clients. You can also persue our articles on these exciting options here.

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