Folder Barometer of Opening Markets

You may not realize this, but the pocket folder market is a surprisingly accurate economic indicator. Some examples include, early each year accountant folders are produced in preparation for tax season. Spring generally brings an influx in title/mortgage […]

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Top Five 2021 Print Trends

Request Your Kit Full of Ideas and Maximize Every Brand  Message You’ve heard the phrase, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” Those who study interpersonal communications indicate 85% of communication is non-verbal. Visual cues […]

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To Coat or Not to Coat

A Spring day in Nebraska may start with a below freezing morning commute, then change to a 70-degree lunch break, and back to the 50’s when the sun has set and it’s time to head home. Do I […]

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Who, What, Welcome – Folders!

What is a Welcome Folder? Typically, a Welcome folder is a smaller format. 6×9 or even 4×9 folder with one or two pockets. It often includes inserts (which are sometimes stacked for tabbed reference points). The Welcome folder […]

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Adding More New Technology

Pocket Folders Fast, a dba of Wright Printing, continues to embrace new technology in order to best serve our client’s needs. We are excited to be the first install of the Fuji 750S J Press, ensuring excellent color […]

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In honor of Print and Promo’s “Women in Print Issue,” we thought we’d feature some of our women in print right here!   We have a proud tradition of women in print at PFF with women in production, prepress, […]

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On Paper

Print, in the simplest terms, is ink on paper. If you consider ink or paper simple. Today, let’s focus on choosing the right paper. Whether your client knows (or thinks they know) exactly what they want, or you […]

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Impossible No More!

Over the last few years, with new technology and equipment investments, there are far more resounding “Yes!” possibilities than ever before. Here are my top three requests that used to be impossible, or severely impractical, that are now […]

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Hot to the Touch – Part Two

Hot Market Trends Textured Stocks Neenah’s Classic® Textures, introduced in 2017, includes two finishes you’re likely already familiar with, Laid and Columns, and introduced Stipple, Techweave, and Woodgrain. “Sometimes designers like a new color or texture, but don’t […]

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Minutes Matter

I am, and always have been, obsessed with time. I’m obsessed with how to make the most of it. I’m obsessed with finding it, keeping it, losing it, and making it. Of course, time itself remains consistent and […]

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Family, Business and Gratitude

As a child, my evening hours were often spent at the family print shop. My brother and I imagined skids were islands and rolled chairs across the concrete floor. We played hide-and-seek between towering rows of inventory or […]

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Digital Die-Cutting in Action (Video)

Videos featuring Digital Die-Cutting Technology Let the Pocket Folders Fast Team introduce you to the Highcon Euclid: Highcon & Pocket Folders Fast (CAPTIONS) from NAPCO Video Services on Vimeo.   Highcon explains:  “The creasing is carried out by […]

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Market Focus – School Folders

  Soon is the time of year when, “No more teachers, no more books!” is sung in halls and neighborhoods around the country. For many communities, the school year is winding down and the home-school communication folder is […]

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“I have an idea!”

What a great feeling: an idea.

The spark that creates something new, revamps an idea you’ve been meaning to develop, reinventing a solution…becoming unstuck.

Pocket folders move ideas from hand to hand and from business to business.


PF5_folder Heating and Cooling Sim2