Standard foil colors are: Copper, Flat Gold, Shiny Gold, Flat Silver, Shiny Silver, Metallic Black, Metallic Blue, Metallic Green, Metallic Red, Pigment White

Pricing Information: Foil, emboss, and deboss production, and therefore pricing, are based on the size of each area.  The way to figure the price is to measure each side of the area of copy/artwork, round up to the next inch, then multiply the two areas. Note: each side is rounded up first, then multiplied. So an area will always be figured with whole numbers, i.e. 2×4, 6×3, and so on. The base foil price includes one of our stock foil colors in up to two areas that total 36 sq. inches. The base emboss or deboss price includes one single level area up to 24 sq. inches.

Additional Areas or Larger Areas: Adds to your base price, pricing available online here for logged in VIP’s or call us at 1-844-427-2642.

Artwork and Stock Variables: Many variables influence the effect and quality of a foil or emboss/deboss project. The font style, the line-width of the art, the texture and weight of the paper, and even how malleable the chosen stock is, will all affect the final product. Remember, foil is laid down and applied to the stock as a single layer, not as tiny dots like ink can be, therefore artwork built with screens and halftones don’t work well.  Also, avoid very fine lines. With emboss, the thicker the line the deeper the impression. In the case of foil, lines that are too fine can run together. If our service team has concerns about how the quality of the logo/artwork will stamp, we will contact you with suggestions.

Matching Sample: As always, if there is a current sample your client would like matched, please send it ahead of moving the order into production.

Additional Options: Combination dies, for processes like multi-level or foil-emboss combination, special foil colors or processes, are also available and require custom pricing.