Recently while in Chicago for the ASI show,

my colleague, Jamie Fredrickson, and I found ourselves with a few hours of down time the night before the show. We hopped into a cab and headed to Navy Pier. We walked up and down the boardwalk taking in the incredible views that Chicago has to offer, and I may have pulled Jamie into a fun house maze.


After the maze, we grabbed a much-deserved drink (that maze was unnecessarily difficult), then discovered a speedboat tour around the bay.

Of course, we did what any red-blooded American would do, we bought our tickets and ponchos and got in line.

Man… What. A. Ride.

Once outside the marina, the JET PROPELLED boat slammed full speed ahead, then whipped into some wicked 360’s. Good thing we bought those ponchos.

On our way back to the dock, we were blessed with an incredible view of the city at sunset and Jamie and I started talking folders (because, duh, we love folders).

Isn’t it incredible that you don’t realize you need speed until it’s standing right in front of you?

When our customers have a client who needs folders like, yesterday, we at Pocket Folders Fast are here and ready to ship those folders…Fast. We are the people who take your hand at the dock and say, “No worries, we’ve got this.”

In fact, with over 80% of our orders shipping within 24 hours, it’s easy to pick a few out of the crowd who have experienced the WOW factor that is Pocket Folders Fast. We recently had a panicked customer who needed to order folders for a college orientation that weekend. We received the order on a Thursday and the folders were drop shipped Friday via UPS Saturday delivery for their orientation at 9am.

Don’t take my word for it. One of our customers, Dan Foster at Minuteman Press, recently had this to say regarding his experience with Pocket Folders Fast:

“Since trying Pocket Folders Fast late 2016, they have been our first choice vendor for pocket folders, because… they do what they say. POCKET FOLDERS FAST. High quality, competitive pricing, and an experienced eye for detail included. These guys know what they’re doing, and take a solution focused approach to our often demanding requirements. Drop ship to your end customer for a truly expedient overall turnaround on a quality product. We highly recommend dealing with Pocket Folders Fast.”

Engine, Chine, and Slip…

There are some key parts of Pocket Folders Fast that keep this speedboat-of-a-company running full speed ahead (oh trust me, I’m not nearly done with the boat metaphors). One key engine to this beast of the sea (and folders) is our digital Fuji720 press. This press runs 2700 sheets per hour and decreases make-ready time and make-ready materials. It puts the pedal to the metal while offering topnotch, offset-quality sheets.

The chine of the boat is the part below the waterline. How a boat handles its speed is based on the shape and quality of its chine (the part below the waterline). Pocket Folders Fast handles speed with unwavering precision, because our chine is our team. The way we work together, from our owner and CEO all the way through to the person boxing up your folders, showcases how we care about you, your order and your reputation. We couldn’t move through choppy waters if we weren’t working as a unit to cut through the current and propel your order forward.

I’m going to pull myself back into the metaphoric “slip” here and talk a little bit more about the show itself. Let me tell ya, taking a speedboat ride the night before an all-day show really ups your energy level. The amazing people we met at the show were mirror images of Jamie and myself. They were passionate about print and finding the best solution for their customers. They were ecstatic to see a new print vendor, and some of them even joined Jamie and me in our selfie station.


It was exciting to meet so many print distributors who are creative and excited for the recent innovations in printing and technology. We happily showed off some of our new Dimensional UV and laser die-cutting sample folders that held the selfies we took at our booth.

We are looking forward to some more great shows down the line, but we are also thrilled at the opportunity to blow the minds of all our customers as we continue to deliver top-notch service and speed on every order.

Hey, we may even deliver via speedboat if necessary.

*Ponchos optional




(c) 2017 Sam Wright