Meet Jamie

Jamie embraces the challenges of learning the most effective new technologies in the production of pocket folders, packaging, and other promotional printing, and also uses her interpersonal skills and experience to work directly with clients on their projects that utilizes new technology. Additionally, Jamie leads all of the design elements of the Pocket Folders Fast marketing. In short, she is a rock star as featured in Women in Print.

Meet Mardra

Mardra is 4th generation in a dedicated print family.

She is a passionate author, speaker, CEO and print-geek, who shares her enthusiasm for pocket folder options and new print and finishing technologies at every opportunity.



Sam is a key leader in our pocket folder team as the business development manager. She can be found on the phones, walking the shop floor, diving into excel sheets, and press checking colors.

She was featured in an industry “40 under 40”  list as an up and coming Rock Star!


Every pocket folder communicates ideas, brand, and information from hand to hand. Pocket Folders carry details and impact relationships. We’re here to help you and your clients develop the perfect folder tools.


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