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You’ve heard the phrase, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it.” Those who study interpersonal communications indicate 85% of communication is non-verbal. Visual cues like facial expressions and body language “speak louder than words.” This is also important to consider in the design and implementation of every print project. Remember, it takes more than words to complete any message.


In print, the first nonverbal cue is color. When designing a logo, color is among the first and most important decisions made. Then, consistently following the brand guidelines in print and digital formats reenforce brand continuity. But just as important to consider is, the color choices which accompany the logo. The colors included on complementary pieces, as well as the paper color and the hue of every graphic alongside the logo and brand colors will affect the consumer’s reaction.

The trend right now: Clean and simple designs that convey timelessness and comfort.

Paper Choice

The next nonverbal cue in print is the substrate. Consider the weight and texture of the paper stock involved in order to emphasize your message. Typically, heavier stocks relay safety and security – two of the top consumer concerns at the moment. (You can read more about paper choice and the psychological impact of weight, texture, and finishes on our website

The trend right now: Sturdy stocks like 100 lb. Linens and 16 pt. SBS.


“What is personal is most general.” – Carl Rogers.

Are you adding personalization to the printed message? In the best of times, people love to hear and see their name. In this unique environment of social distancing and frequent isolating, brands that reach consumers, employees, and partners with personalized messages send the cue: I see you. Even apart, we are connected.

The trend right now: Shortrun pocket folder and packaging projects with personalization in print or foil.

Lamination Options

Since print is a tactile medium, wise brand managers maximize finishing options as well. There are several available finishes in aqueous, UV, dimensional UV effects, and lamination. The most popular continues to be softtouch and it comes as no surprise…people crave touch. Plus, soft touch lamination adds to the durability of a pocket folder which reinforces not only  the connection to touch but also sturdiness and quality, which are timeless points worth emphasizing.

The trend right now: Softtouch lamination on 14 or 16 pt. Coated sheets.

Folder Style

There are so many ways to customize a folder including the size, pockets, depth, and ways to reinforce or create tabs. So.

Many. Options.

However, at this time a strong “back to basics” vibe in marketing and brand communications rules the print waves. This is evident in the clean formats mentioned in the first point, and also in the pocket folder style choice. The most commonly ordered folder is the popular 9×12 with 3.75” pockets at any time. That said, right now it’s popular almost to exclusivity. While cost considerations are likely a strong factor, the benefits of reliability and predictability are also positive gestures in a world of uncertainty.

The trend right now: The PF1, 9 x 12 folder with 3.75” pockets, fills marketing and communication needs.

As you work with brand managers communicating with consumers and partners of all kinds, be sure to use all of the ways “how you say it” print offers. Ready for a kit full of ideas? Fill in your request here:


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