Pocket Folders Fast is a wholesale printer for commercial printing companies and other print brokers across the USA.

We understand that being a wholesale distributor means every time you send us an order for pocket folders, it is the ultimate show of trust, and we honor that. We honor your name, your reputation, and your quality standards, by producing top quality presentation products, in record time, every time.

Pocket Folders Fast has been built on purpose by people who specialize in presentation folders. We are a small, determined team of print professionals who chose to band together with the ambition of becoming the best, we mean it the BEST, wholesale supplier of pocket folders. What is the BEST? The fastest turnaround, top quality, great prices, amazing options, and a responsive service team.

We choose to challenge ourselves and the industry by offering top level service and the best speeds provided from a wholesale producer of presentation folders.


Our goal is to ship pocket folders with amazing options in record time.

About Science: Sometimes science prevents a one-day folder, for example a full flood of a rich black on an uncoated sheet that also requires a foil stamp, then die cuts, and glues, may require more dry time than 24 hours. Other times, science is our friend. Like the way we use a laser digital die cutter to cut custom folders so that you can offer unlimited flexibility in designing folders for your clients and still get delivery in record time.

We are always on the lookout for trade craftswomen and craftsmen who don’t know the meaning of “That’s not my job.” People who are willing to do whatever is necessary for the customer and their coworkers, and are always up to learn something new. Lots of learning: In fact, we have a small but mighty team who are so excited about learning new things that they are willing to eat, sleep, and likely dream about the future of print. But it may be at odd hours, because we have all “the worst shifts” to fill in, so that we can meet our customer’s needs. Speaking of that Mighty Team: This team includes every department, every shift, every print partner, and every customer. Our team will build, teach, learn, share, rally, and work hard for each other. This thing only works if we are willing to lock arms and go in together.

If you’re thinking, You know what? This actually sounds awesome. What do I do next?


You can also use this CONTACT FORM to reach out with any further questions.

About Our Team

Customer Service

Our team includes folks who have won awards and/or been recognized for excellence in service, vision, and craftsmanship. We know the importance of knowledgeable and responsive service.

Prepress & Production

What makes the Pocket Folders Fast Production team unique is the passion to meeting customer expectations and keeping promises. Every job we receive is a show of trust. We know that our business grows when your business grows. To do this, we’ve invested in exciting technology, will work the shifts required, and create top quality presentation products, in order to meet your customer’s needs.


Passion is the key descriptor of every member of our management team, followed by a quest to learn, and the drive to succeed together. We are proud to have a leadership team that works hard to exceed customer expectations, and also to support our employees and each other.

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